White Wedding!

White Wedding!

We would like you to meet Harriet and Joe. They approached us at Long Sutton Dentistry enquiring about teeth whitening before their big day. Harriet and Joe kindly consented to allow us to use their photographs and answer some questions to help other patients considering having teeth whitening.

The wedding couple before tooth whitening at Long Sutton DentistryHow did you find your care here at Long Sutton Dentistry?

I had a really positive experience with Long Sutton Dentistry and I couldn’t recommend it more. The surgery itself is lovely and the staff were really friendly and responsive to our queries. For us, it was also really important to be able to schedule our treatments after work, as we are both busy and work full-time.

Did you have plenty of opportunity to ask the dentist and staff questions during your treatment?

Yes, we had an initial consultation/check up before we had our moulds done. This session was really informative and we were also given some printed literature to take away so we felt we had a good idea of what to expect during and after the treatment.

How was the whitening treatment for you? Did you find it easy to use?

The whitening treatment itself was brilliant, very straight forward and I was really pleased that I took the advice to use the trays at home as I didn’t find them uncomfortable to sleep in. It definitely worked well for me to be able to build up the colour gradually. My teeth were reasonably white anyway, but I still got really good results by the end of the treatment (I think I used my trays every other night for around 2 weeks).

Did you have any issues/problems with the treatment?

I did have a little bit of sensitivity but nothing that was too uncomfortable. We were given a special toothpaste to use alongside the treatment if we experienced any sensitivity and that seemed to work for me.

Were you pleased with the whitening results?

Yes, I was really pleased with the results achieved from my treatment and I love having the trays available to me at home so I can top up as required – this has proved to be good value for money which is an added bonus!

What difference did it make for you on your big day?

I would 100% recommend having this treatment pre-wedding day. I was reasonably happy with my smile and whiteness before-hand but this treatment made a big difference to how I looked and felt about my smile. I think this is definitely reflected in the photos.

We think you’ll agree that Harriet and Joe make a beautiful couple and we wish them every happiness in their lives together.

If you would like to enquire about teeth whitening before your big day in the Spalding, Kings Lynn, Wisbech and Long Sutton areas then please call 01406 364600 to make your appointment.



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