Stronger Teeth and Gums

Stronger Teeth and Gums – Some Nutritional Tips!

Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body’s digestive system. You might hate to think it, but what you eat impacts on the rest of your body. Whether it’s your dental or general health, watching what you eat is a must. Poor food choices, such as sugary or acidic foods and drinks can cause dental issues such as decay, erosion, or even tooth loss.

Strengthening teeth and gums won’t be instant; it will require time and habitual change. You may want to go for a few dietary modifications but remember, the changes may only be noticeable after some time. The importance of healthy nutrition for good teeth, so here’s what we recommend.

  • Consuming a balanced and nutritious diet: Don’t be a picky eater, especially when you want good teeth. A variety of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are necessary. Don’t forget to include whole grains and dairy, too!
  • Go for sugar-free gum: You might not realize it, but regular gum can harm your teeth in many ways. In comparison, chewing sugar-free gum is suitable for saliva production, which then, in turn, aids in neutralizing acid and promoting remineralization. You can find many chewing gums containing xylitol, known for its dental benefits.
  • Don’t skip dairy or dairy alternatives: When it comes down to it, calcium is vital for your body and good dental health. Fortified options (those containing added extra vitamins or minerals that are not normally found in milk) can also work, and they will help strengthen teeth and gums over time.
  • Add crunchy fruits and vegetables: You might feel like eating that apple or carrot could harm your teeth, but that’s not entirely true. Crunchy vegetables and fruits act as natural toothbrushes for your teeth whilst also stimulating saliva production.
  • Think about adding supplements: If your daily diet doesn’t have all the nutrients and minerals needed to strengthen teeth and gums, supplements are not harmed. But remember, you should talk with a healthcare professional before taking any supplements.
  • Kenny’s favourite – drink green tea! With anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds, green tea is your wonder drink for better teeth. It can also help reduce the growth of bacteria in your mouth and the risk of cavities.
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