A patient’s perspective

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A patient’s perspective

We always welcome reviews and testimonials from patients and so when we received this one we considered how we could post it. We felt just sharing it with you as a blog post the best way as you can see it in its entirety. 🙂

“So you want a dentist? I did. I needed a new one. One Facebook friend later, and some exchanged messages and I stepped up to Long Sutton Dentistry. I am certainly glad that I did that.

About me: Well I have a poor set of teeth. I spent a week or two exchanging messages. I do not trust dentists easily. Even the message approach was commendable. I arrived at Long Sutton with every tooth filled, up to 70%. I broke teeth monthly. I hated my smile. I feared drills and needles. This couldn’t continue and my NHS costs were ramping up. My dentist, that I trusted, had taken leave for childcare. I was being told, a root canal and porcelain bonded crown for every tooth. One at a time. With a three month appointment cycle, I worked that out as a 5 year plus programme and a lot of tier three payments, with a bunch of repairs along the way as well.

Trust: Yes this is paramount. A nervous patient needs to trust his dentist, and his dental nurse. I can safely say that Matt Coups is very trustworthy. He works with your anxiety, not against it. I felt I would probably need sedation as my trust is not easily earned. Yet I have had none of that. It took me three years with my old dentist to grow this level of trust. This time, it’s taken three months. Matt listened to my every concern and carefully set about addressing each issue one at a time. He picked right up where my old dentist left off.

Painless: In the past, I have had fillings and crown preparations without a needle. Why? Because the sight of a needle is enough to make me sweat and shake with fear. I have refused that needle many times. My old dentist took forever building trust to inject, she did make a huge difference to my needle confidence and I thank her for that. Matt had no such troubles and used state of the art injection kit. With the special pre numb gel, every injection has been almost un-noticeable. I commend the needle work and the approach to the anxiety.

Access and availability: Old dentist – 3 months, even if you had broken half a tooth off. A pain appointment and some temporary filling isn’t a fix. While preparing my current treatment at Spire, I broke a canine. I was seen the next day with a permanent fix. I know now, if something let’s go, I can have a permanent fix quickly. Half a broken molar does make for difficult eating!

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Cost: Well here is the real shock. People often complain about the cost of private treatment. I used to think it was expensive, but in fact, if you look at how NHS operates, it isn’t.

They minimise the amount of work they do. The demand unnecessary treatment (such as a root canal before a crown, shortening the life of your live tooth just because there is too much decay). A tier three crown nhs job, it’s not cheap and it will damage the lifespan of your tooth. And to save what….A hundred pounds or so vs a private treatment and retaining a vital tooth.

Choice: This is a big one. Choice. NHS you get what you are given. Sit down, take a needle and drill and get what you are given. No choice. No option. No discussion. With Long Sutton, I’ve been listened to. I’ve given my own desires and opinions. They have been accepted and utilised where appropriate. Of course, bad choices are explained and avoided and advised why it’s not a good idea.

Care: Long Sutton Dentistry CARES. They listen and respond to you. They offer the best services and try to make the costs as reasonable as possible. They explore, discuss and offer you options. They do not dictate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

It’s a shame you are doing such a good job of my reconstruction, I’m pretty sure my dental bill will be tiny from early next year after my full restoration. Do not change your ethics or actions. You are 100% correct in everything you do.

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I cannot wait for this restoration to complete in early 2018. You will give me back my smile and my confidence. A smile means much more than eating. It’s a declaration of your happiness and confidence.

So to every single one of you at Long Sutton. Thank you.

Thank you for listening.
Thank you for caring.
Thank you for ensuring I get the most economical service.
Thank you for helping me


Thank you for being you. Don’t change, just grow.”

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