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New Dental 3D Scanner

At Long Sutton Dentistry, we are committed to training and to keeping up with the latest technology. So… here we are training with our new 3D scanner!

This new piece of equipment allows us to scan our patient’s teeth and gums – it shows us the full mouth in one picture, and we can zoom in or turn the image around allowing us to see all aspects of the teeth. It gives a much clearer picture than our intra-oral camera and so will be ideal for showing customers what we are talking about when discussing treatment options!

Even better, it is completely pain free to have a scan – this wand-like machine (around the size of a marker pen) creates thousands of pictures which it stitches together to create the image. This will not take the place of x-rays which we will still need to look under tooth surfaces and below gum levels.

Initially, we will be using this scanner on new patients joining the practice – in this way we will have an image that we can compare year on year. For example, if there is an area of concern that doesn’t yet require treatment, we can scan again in 6 months or a year (depending on circumstances) to see if there has been any deterioration or improvement – the scans can be placed side by side to easily compare them.

In the longer term, we will be using the scanner on all our patients. We will use it as part of your dental examinations annually. It will also be used as a replacement for taking impressions, as we can send a scan to our technicians in Nottingham. They have matching software and can make crowns and bridges to that exact specification. More accurate and ultimately much more comfortable for you, our lovely patients! Unfortunately, this cannot be used for denture work yet, but we are sure that it won’t be long before this is also possible.

Here are images of a scan – Kelly kindly agreed to let us show you hers, which was taken as part of our training session.

long sutton dentist 3d scanner
long sutton dentist 3d dental scanner
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