Keeping up to date and fully trained!

Keeping up to date and fully trained!

At Long Sutton Dentistry we pride ourselves on being up to date with advances in treatments and materials and a good way of seeing all new products is to visit The Dentistry Show.

So, last week we piled into a minibus and drove to Birmingham! Jude took the wheel and managed to get the team there in one piece – she has now been nick-named Edie McCredie after the bus driver on Ballamory! (Those of you with young children will get it!)

At the show we all went our separate ways to attend various lectures, some of them covering compulsory subjects and others which held a special interest depending on our role within the practice. Throughout the day and between those classes we took the opportunity to browse the dental exhibits. Everything from new filling materials and products to management tools….there was plenty to see and learn about.

Of course, our team are famous for liking their food so we stopped off in Leicester on the way home, where we tucked into an amazing Indian meal. There were so many complimentary dishes that we could barely see the table – naturally we made a big effort to finish it all!

So we are now all up to date on cross infection control and we have several new things to trial. Well worth the visit.


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