Easter is Almost Here…

Easter is Almost Here…


We all know that chocolate is not the best for our dental health or our waistlines but we can’t expect our children (or indeed us adults!) to be deprived of Easter eggs when they are everywhere we look.

So, how can we make it a little bit better?

Keep chocolate (or any sugary snacks) treats to a minimum as multiple “hits” do the most damage.

Preferably a sugary treat should be at the end of a meal and not between meals.

Pick your chocolate eggs wisely (see the graph below which shows percentage of sugar in grams per 100g of chocolate – To put the stats into context, one teaspoon is equal to around four grams. So, a Nestle Easter egg has 15.25 teaspoons of sugar. Click on the infographic to see more.

Dark chocolate generally contains less fat and sugar than milk or white chocolate so is ideal for adults.

Some fun facts about chocolate easter eggs from you lincolshire dentist

Amount of sugar (% per 100g) in 100g of Easter Eggs







Ferrero Rocher0%

Green & Black (dark) 0%


Lastly, enjoy!

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