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Doggy Hygiene Advice

Something a little bit different…

In case you didn’t know, August 26th is International Dog Day.

Although we are normally known for our human dental care, as a team of animal lovers we thought it would be nice to give some doggy hygiene advice!

So here we go… advice taken from the experts at Blue Cross for pets!

  • Brushing your dog’s teeth daily is the best way to keep your dog’s dental hygiene in check
  • Dental chews and the correct diet have some effect in reducing plaque but don’t rely on these alone (and remember that all treats carry calories – just like human ones do too!).
  • As with most things in life, prevention is better than cure. Your dog should be slowly trained to accept having their teeth brushed using positive training methods. You can start by brushing your dog’s teeth daily with a special dog toothbrush and toothpaste (don’t use human toothpaste as this contains chemicals that can be toxic to dogs). If he/she doesn’t like the brush, try using your finger and letting him/her lick off the paste at first, gradually brushing front teeth and gaining confidence before starting on the back teeth.
  • If your dog’s teeth have a large amount of plaque on them, you should seek the advice of your vet.


So, enjoy your furbabies – and look out for our Facebook post where you can have a go at matching our team members to their pets!

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