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First Aid Training at Long Sutton Dental

Every year we have an expert trainer in to carry out our necessary training in resuscitation and life support. We endeavour to be up to date in all aspects of our training and this is one of the most important days in our diary – after all, keeping our customers safe and well whilst in our care is high on our list of priorities!

Throughout the session we carry out different scenarios with patients becoming ill during their appointment – we cover everything from heart attack, stroke, sepsis to diabetes hypo or epileptic seizure.

As you can see, we do a bit of theory but then it’s all hands-on deck when it comes to practical training. In this session we have been carrying out CPR and even intubating the patient who could not maintain a clear airway (on a dummy!)

It was really nice that Beth was able to join us – even if she was in a plaster cast and unable to crawl about on the floor like the rest of us! Also, our new dentist, Gianluca came along to get his annual skills training which was lovely as he got to meet the rest of the team.



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