A quick catch up with you all!

It’s been a few weeks since we updated you all on what we are up to here at Long Sutton Dentistry, so we thought it was time to get communicating.

Well, Christmas has come and gone and wasn’t it a strange one? I’m sure we all missed out on seeing loved ones, but unfortunately it needed to be done this year.

We are so pleased that the vaccine is getting rolled out so efficiently and that many of our patients are telling us they’ve received their first dose. I’m sure that it will be a big relief to them, especially if they have other health issues too.

Being part of the healthcare sector, we all get vaccinated too – partly to keep ourselves safe but also to protect our patients. In fact, a few of the girls had to travel to Mablethorpe at the end of January to receive their first jabs but fingers crossed that they will get their second doses closer to home (whenever that may be!)

So, what’s happening at the practice?

Life goes on pretty much as normal with our additional protocols in place. The front door remains locked and we will be carrying on with the pre-appointment Covid screening emails/calls for the foreseeable future. Please make sure that you do answer them as without the screening we can’t let you attend! If you have difficulty filling in the answers on the email, then please feel free to just reply that you have read everything and that you are not showing any of the symptoms mentioned. This week we have also been looking at appointment availability and we have added in some additional early morning slots – we don’t want the practice to get too busy so this will help to keep the flow of patients nice and steady throughout the day.

We are finding that we are getting lots of enquiries from people wanting to register so if you are recommending us to friends and family thank you!

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We are not allowing lockdown to affect our passion for learning and we are all enrolled in various training courses online. We are ploughing through courses such as recognising and treating Sepsis, Environmental cleaning and disinfection plus Safeguarding.

This week we also managed to complete our annual CPR training which was our first hands-on course for a year! It’s quite difficult doing training like this whilst social distancing but we managed by spreading out across the whole reception areas and were masked, visored and aproned throughout! Fortunately, Ness and Hayley are in one bubble and Beth and Jude are in another, so they managed to work together where needed and that saved some space.

Lucy and Beth – providing care for all our children:

As you are aware, Beth and Lucy see all the children in our practice for their routine care, fillings and preventative treatments such as fluoride application and fissure sealants. We are sometimes asked what fissure sealants are…well, everyone has fissures on the surface of their teeth. They are little grooves where plaque can gather, and some fissures are deeper than others. We often recommend fissure sealants on back teeth which children (and some adults) find difficult to clean properly – Beth and Lucy thoroughly clean the tooth before applying a substance which seals the tooth and protects it from plaque and ultimately decay. Excess sealant can fall off quite quickly but the grooves on the tooth surface remain protected as you can see from this diagram…

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So that’s practice news, what’s happening outside of work?

Both Kelly and Hayley (Lindley) celebrate their birthdays this month, so there will be more cake being scoffed of course! Did you know that if a staff member’s birthday falls on a day that they normally work, then they get it as an extra day holiday? Always a nice little perk to get the day off…

Despite lots of cold and wet weather we are all trying to get out and about as much as we are allowed. Many of the team have dogs who need walking whatever the weather – Sam, Kelly and Hayley (L) have Angus, Reggie and Woody who need lots of exercise, so they are generally up at the crack of dawn to fit in a long walk before work.  Gianluca, Alice, Lisa and Jude’s dogs are either little or elderly, so they are happy with more of a stroll around the village. Ness and Kelly often walk together, and Kelly and Hayley didn’t even let the snow put them off their socially distanced walk last week! Beth has her horses and now has some calves too, so she is kept extra busy running around after them (or should we say hobbling!) Kenny is really enjoying his winter photography so is always out and about with his camera whilst Matthew is still managing to enjoy some fishing despite the recent cold snap

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Looking ahead at Long Sutton Dentistry…

We can’t see many changes in the way that we are offering our services – it certainly will continue for several more months and we have a feeling that some changes may be here to stay. Our priority is the safety of the team and our patients so rest assured that we will continue to put you at the centre of our care.

Stay safe everyone and hope to see you soon!

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