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Teeth Whitening in Boston, Lincolnshire

A simple Tooth Whitening treatment can do so much to enhance your smile and your confidence, used on it’s own or as part of a treatment plan.


Tooth whitening when carried out by your dental professional gives a super bright result that is safe, reliable and predictable.


We use Opalescence Gel in a home tray system. Whitening can be carried out as a stand alone treatment or as part of a more complex treatment plan. For instance, it is quite usual to whiten teeth prior to constructing Veneers so we can then construct veneers in a brighter shade to match the new brighter teeth. Veneers or crowns cannot be whitened after fitting so it is useful to carry it out this way round.


Opalescence Gel releases a carbamide peroxide that gently and safely whitens teeth to your preferred level of brightness. We supply trays that you can reuse for future whitening top ups that we recommend every few months or so.

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