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Dentures at Long Sutton Dentistry

When teeth are missing they can be replaced using dentures which are a removable option.


Dentures are particularly useful when multiple teeth are missing or quite a lot of bone support has been lost. A denture can give support and structure as well to the soft tissues of the cheek and lips so aid in replacing form and function.


Dentures are made of a combination of materials, acrylic and sometimes with cobalt chromium to aid retention with clips and clasps. They can replace a few teeth or be a full replacement. Our skilled dental technicians construct dentures in the laboratory according to our prescription.


Dentures can also be used as a temporary measure after removal of a tooth and before permanent restoration. Before dental implant placement and bridge construction it is usual to allow healing and bone recession for a few months so a denture is extremely useful in that scenario.


Dentures need to removed for cleansing and after every meal. We also recommend that you take them out to sleep unless advised otherwise. The gums underneath still need to be kept healthy and even patients with full dentures should have regular checks to ensure the gums stay healthy and to have mouth cancer screening.

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