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Dental Implants at Long Sutton Dentistry

Dental Implants are considered to be the closest replacement to a natural tooth for feel and function.


A dental implant is a titanium rod that is inserted into the bone where a tooth has been removed. It is placed then covered over for a period of time to allow the bone to grow into it and fuse. After a few months it is uncovered and then used as a structure to support an implant crown or perhaps a larger bridge.


While we don’t place dental implants within the practice, we collaborate with a dental implant referral centre for their placement. Dr Matthew Coups has had extensive training in the restoration if implant retained crowns, bridges and dentures. Prior to dental implant placement, you will require X-rays or CT-scans of your bone to assess the level and quality of bone. Implants must be placed in healthy bone and the success lies in the planning. The dental implant surgeons will plan the implants then we will restore the missing tooth or teeth with crowns, bridges or dentures here at Long Sutton Dentistry.


Dental Implants are considered to be the closest in feel and function to natural dentition and also require regular upkeep and maintenance as teeth do. Regular visits to the Dental Therapist are necessary as are a good dental hygiene routine.

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