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Dental Bridges at Long Sutton Dental

Dental bridges are a way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth with a fixed in place solution that is not removable.

When a tooth or teeth need to be removed there are several choices for replacement. One is to replace using a dental bridge. We tend to use one of two types of bridge now

  • An adhesive Maryland bridge or
  • A Fixed bridge

The first type of bridge requires minimal preparation of teeth and is used when the gap is next to a tooth that perhaps has not had any previous dental treatment and thus to start cutting away tooth tissue may reduce its life expectancy. These are not suitable in every clinical situation and we have to consider the strength of the bite amongst other issues.


The second type is a more traditional bridge and will be used when there are crowns already placed at either side of the gap. Teeth either side are prepared as for crowns and then our skilled dental technician will construct a beautiful bridge in the laboratory that is cemented into placed as a fixed restoration.


Your dental team will help guide you with choices and explain the aftercare required. Regular visits will be needed to ensure optimal gum hygiene and health.


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