Building Progress at Long Sutton Dentistry in Lincolnshire

Building Progress at Long Sutton Dentistry in Lincolnshire

Well, it doesn’t look much like a dental practice treatment room yet but we are well on our way with the building work.

The walls have been lined so that we can take x-rays, plumbing is now in-situ and all the wiring has been run behind walls and below the floor for all our dental equipment.

Today we have had the engineer from our computer hardware company visit and he has set up the computer for Gianluca to use when he starts in November.

It looks like a shell at the moment but believe me, the cabinets and dental chair get fitted very quickly and so it won’t be long until we are all ready to get started!

Dentist, Gianluca Monaco, is already getting excited about starting in a few weeks’ time so we will just have enough time to test all the equipment before his start date of 4th November.

As you can see from the pictures our new consultation room is now finished – smaller than the original but still nice and cosy.

We also want to say thank you to all of our customers who have been putting up with the disruption – we’ve been lucky as the builders have been brilliant and done most of the noisy, messy work in the evenings but of course there is still a lot of coming and going throughout the days.

We are really looking forward to seeing the final results and having Gianluca join the team!


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