Long Sutton Dentistry in Lincolnshire offer methods of treatment to help patients who suffer with dental phobia.

Does The Thought of Visiting A Dentist Fill You With Dread?


Worried about visiting a dentist because you know you need treatment but you have a dental phobia?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that things have changed in the dental world and here at Long Sutton Dentistry in Lincolnshire we are happy to help. We realise that most people don’t like visiting the dentist but honestly feel that we can offer a much better experience than you may have had in the past!

First of all, we don’t look or smell like the dreaded dentist of old. You will be greeted by our friendly team and we will take our time to chat and get to know you, your fears and your concerns. You can sit and have a cuppa to help you relax too!

We don’t do any treatment at your first appointment so you can attend without the added anxiety of needles or drills. We may, if possible, take a couple of digital x-rays so that we can get a clearer picture of your oral health but that is as much as we will do. If preferred, we can play music of your choice during your examination.

From here, we will discuss options for treatment. Gone are the days of dentists making all the decisions about your care – we want you to feel that you are in charge and will discuss what we can offer so that you can make the final decision.

Most of our customers soon build up enough trust with us that they are able to undergo treatment (we usually take it a step at a time and gradually build your confidence). We have some customers who never thought that they would cope with having treatment and now they attend regularly, chat and joke with us as old friends do. One lady (who initially couldn’t even say the word “dentist” without terrifying herself) now can’t believe that she was ever as scared because she trusts us to look after her.

Long Sutton Dentistry in Lincolnshire can provide treatment to nervous patients and those with severe dental phobias using a range of methods.

Michelle, from Long Sutton, says “once everything is explained it feels a whole lot better and I was amazed how painless the whole process was”.

Whatever you are fearful of, with care and understanding, we are sure that we can help you so why don’t you take that first step and give us a call on 01406 364600.


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