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Dental Membership Plans

Why do we offer dental membership plans here at Long Sutton Dentistry?

Well, there are several reasons and let us tell you why we recommend them…

We find that our patients who are members of a dental plan see the dentist and hygienist more regularly than those who are not. As such they enjoy better dental health overall.

In turn, this means less expense for our patients in the long-term, which has got to be good news!

You save money if you are on our dental plan – immediately you save around £7-£10 per year for your basic care. That is just based on routine check-ups and hygiene visits. Add in the 10% discounts for additional treatments then it can all add up to substantial savings.

It spreads the cost. With adult plans starting at only £8.50 per month it makes budgeting much easier.

You gain extra peace of mind…with access to a worldwide emergency assistance scheme. If you get toothache or need urgent dental care whilst you are away on holidays or business trips, then you can see a local dentist and claim back your expenses.

Being on the plan encourages you to attend – so, if you are normally an infrequent attendee you are more likely to plan and attend for appointments if you have already paid for them!

So, if you would like to know more about the range of membership plans that we offer, please give us a call on 01406 364600 or email us on


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