Open Wide As Usual

long sutton coronavirus update

Open Wide As Usual

Why it is safe to come to our dental practice…

We are experts in cross infection control and have the very strictest systems already in place (even before Covid-19). As primary healthcare professionals we have always dealt with infectious diseases – through stringent decontamination processes which are the norm in dentistry.

We have put additional precautions in place to protect our patients and dental team

a) We are asking everyone to use hand sanitising gel on entry and after treatment
b) We have a large reception and plan to seat customers away from others so that everyone is distanced when possible (sorry if this
seems a little antisocial!)
c) We will ask customers to use a pre-treatment mouthwash/gargle
d) We have changed from flannels to paper towels to dry hands in the bathroom.
e) More bins are available to “catch it, bin it, kill it” as we know that even healthy people need to occasionally blow their nose!
f) Obviously we are asking customers to reschedule appointments if they are suffering from new coughs and/or colds
g) We are updating ourselves daily on government recommendations

Our opening hours and services remain as normal. Rest assured we are doing everything to keep you safe and we look forward to seeing you at your upcoming appointments.

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