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Detailed Reasons For Closure Due to Covid-19

Sam and I have discussed the current issues along with all the new guidance which has been delivered from both the Chief Dental Officer, the NHS and other governing bodies since our last update.

At that meeting we unanimously agreed that it was essential now to halt all routine dental procedures carried out at Long Sutton Dentistry. Many of you will have seen the article in The Lincolnshire Free Press following this decision as we were one of the first practice’s in our area to publicise our decision on social media.

The reasons for this are many, but the most significant reasons are twofold:

1. We feel it is now essential as a country and a society that we do everything we can to support all who are fighting COVID-19 at the front-line in hospitals. We feel we should not travel or leave our homes except for the most important reasons, otherwise we may become infected and require treatment or could be involved in an accident which would also require hospital treatment, which now is unacceptable.

To increase the strain in any way on front-line NHS services is now inadmissible, and as a practice we believe that we must do everything we can to alleviate the pressure.

2. It became clear over the past few days that it is now not possible to entirely secure the health of practitioners working in the upper respiratory tract (ENT and oral areas), whilst we have a duty of care to look after patients and to look after their health, I also have a duty of care to ensure the safety of my team at all costs. At the same time providing any aspect of dental care (which is other than the provision of securing someone’s health in an emergency situation) would now be unacceptable.

Universally we agree that this is the correct course of action to take and we feel we have a responsibility to do our bit to secure society, and as such members of our dental team have been asked to voluntary redeploy to areas of need within the wider NHS, based on the competencies of each dental team member.

I’m sorry if this causes any inconvenience to any patients and I promise that we will be back to work providing the level of care that we have always done, as soon as we possibly can.

I would ask that you bear with us as we discuss on a patient by patient basis, why your dental emergency may not be significant enough to bring risk to others, please accept our advice and bear with us as much as you can.

We are working hour by hour and day by day to ensure the communication to patients and the continuity of any emergency care is secured within the framework of the whole NHS in response to this situation.

Please take this opportunity to look after your family and your extended family (particularly older relatives and those with existing health conditions) as closely and as well as possible.

That is the most important message through this whole situation, and we would encourage you at all times to minimise your contact with others, to minimise any travel or socialisation and to try to enjoy spending time with your loved ones that you did not have before.

We will be in contact with our patients as much as possible, our telephone service remains active for advice about dental emergencies on a patient by patient and discussion basis.

Currently the definition of ‘dire dental emergency’ at Long Sutton Dentistry is as follows:
• Rapidly increasing swelling as a result of infection.
• Uncontrollable pain.
• Significant dental trauma.

We will try to provide further and regular updates as the weeks pass and the team very much look forward to seeing all our patients and their families back at the practice as soon as it’s safe to invite you there.

With our very best wishes to you all,

Kenny Doig
Clinical Director

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