Antibiotic Governance in Dentistry

Antibiotic Governance in Dentistry

Kenny is Chairman of our local BDA section (British Dental Association) and is responsible for helping organise meetings and speakers in the Holland and Kestevan area for local dentists, hygienists, therapists and practice staff.

One of the most recent meetings that Kenny and Beth attended is one that has a huge impact on healthcare of the future and was about Antibiotic Governance.


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What is that and why would it affect me?

Antibiotics have been the cornerstone of healthcare and the increase in life expectancy over the last 100 years but due to overprescribing the bugs are becoming resistant…. So potentially when you need an antibiotic to work to save your life, it may not.

Although dentists only prescribe 5% of antibiotics in the UK per year we still have to look out for prescribing an antibiotic in the right circumstances, and for the best duration.

The main take away point from this lecture was that it is no longer necessary to “finish the full course”. Once the infection has subsided after 3-5 days then the course should be stopped even if you still have tablets left in the pack.

There are also a very good leaflet from Public Health England that explains better than me.


Kenny Doig

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